There are many benefits to burning pellets than conventional firewood. Think of the storage, dust, lugging, ash residue, .... Conventional wood has a moisture content of 15% - 30% pellets while only 3% - 6% moisture. Pellet stoves are good, but they are a great investment!
The solution to this cheap fuel burned in a stove or fireplace is PelletBasket. This PelletBasket is made from heat-resistant perforated steel with inside special compartments to ensure proper airflow. This basket is filled with pellets can be a simple, clean way to burning for 3 to 4 hours or so.
The PelletBasket can also be used in other ways. In the winter atmosphere outside fire or in summer as pleasant, cozy, verifiable patio heater!
The PelletBasket is multi-functional and keep the fire under control, handle, gives higher yields and is especially .... Safe!
NOTE - This is the original PelletBasket , 3mm thick and 7,5 Kg weight!!! and not the fake version with less weight and other air compartments - Always Fixed Price With Free Delivery In Belgium And Netherlands